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Arlington County Partners

While Arlington Independent Media exists as a separate entity from the Arlington County Government, we work closely with the County on a number of initiatives. In addition, a large portion of AIM's funding is provided by a franchise agreement between Arlington County Government and the cable television providers Comcast and Verizon. We're proud to work with the County in the following capacities:

Arlington County Cable Administration

The Arlington County Cable Administrator, Rob Billingsley, is responsible for overseeing all the terms of the franchise agreements between Arlington County and Comcast and Verizon. AIM works with Mr. Billingsley to ensure that obligations of our franchise agreement are fulfilled, and to advise on new franchise agreements. Most recently, we are collaborating with the County Cable Administration to arrange for AIM's connection to the new ConnectArlington fiber optic network.

Arlington County Department of Technology Services (DTS)

DTS serves the County by building, maintaining, and securing a world-class information technology environment and providing technical expertise to County departments and agencies. AIM works closely with the DTS to help them better understand the needs of the public for communications technology. AIM has also partnered with DTS on a number of public outreach efforts relating to county communications infrastructure.

Arlington County Information Technology Advisory Commission (ITAC)

The ITAC is a citizens’ advisory commission that provides research and information to the Arlington County Government board and staff. The commission also hosts public information meetings during franchise drafting, transfers, and renewals.  AIM works closely with this commission to make sure that the interests of our members, producers, volunteers, and viewers are represented. AIM also regularly provides testimony to the commission, most recently during the start of current franchise renewal negotiations with Comcast.

Arlington TV

Where AIM is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide the public with training in media production and access to facilities and equipment, Arlington TV covers the workings of the Arlington County Government. AIM and Arlington TV work very closely together, sharing equipment, volunteers, and cooperating on covering the people, places, and events in Arlington. Arlington TV programming can be found on Verizon channel 39, Comcast channel 25, or at


ConnectArlington is a fiber-optic network that will link Arlington County government buildings, public schools facilities, non-profits, institutions of higher learning, and the business community. The County currently relies on a combination of County-owned facilities, lines leased from commercial providers, and a fiber-optic network made available by Comcast under the terms of its cable TV franchise. ConnectArlington will not only ensure continuity of service while a new franchise is negotiated, it will also offer tremendous advantages in speed, architecture, and reliability.

AIM will be a part of ConnectArlington in the near future.  By becoming part of this  robust network, AIM will bring many advantages to its members and to the community.  For example, live programming from many points around the County will be possible for the first time. AIM will also be able to offer many new services to our non-profit, education, County government, and business partners.