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Let's face it; ALL of AIM's volunteers are super! Nevertheless, AIM is beginning a new program that will create a new class of volunteers with special responsibilities and increased benefits that we are calling our Super-Volunteer program.

With the launch of WERA-LP 96.7 FM, AIM has taken a significant step toward serving a whole new segment of our community. Every day, new members sign up, new applications for radio programs are received, and new listeners discover the wonderful variety of programming on WERA.

However, with every opportunity comes challenge and one of the challenges that AIM faces is how to provide live radio production facilities before 9am and after 10pm during weekdays or before 10am and after 8pm on the weekends.

To allow for extended hours of operation, AIM is establishing a new level of volunteerism with enhanced responsibility and authority. These super-volunteers would be allowed to "staff" the facility during hours that AIM is not normally open in order to facilitate live radio broadcasts before and after normal hours.

Any member wishing to become a super-volunteer must meet the following basic requirements:

  1. Must have successfully completed the Introduction to Community Media, Basic Audio Production, and On-Air Radio Broadcast courses at AIM.
  2. Must be able to demonstrate competency in the audio production suite and the on-air radio broadcast studio.
  3. Must have successfully completed the basic AIM Operations course.
  4. Must have been a member of AIM for at least one year.
  5. Must have a significant and ongoing record of volunteering with AIM. Must have volunteered for at least 100 hours over the previous 18 months.

The super-volunteer is given the same basic authorities and responsibilities as an AIM staff member in terms of maintaining a safe and secure environment and will be given access to the facility--including keys to all of the interior doors that are necessary for the successful completion of live radio broadcasts. 

In exchange for helping AIM facilitate live broadcasts after hours, super-volunteers will receive the following benefits:

Each super-volunteer will earn volunteer hours at three times the normal rate.

They will be recognized on the AIM and WERA web sites and at the AIM facility for the duration of their service.

They will be thanked at a free annual "trustee appreciation dinner" held in their honor.

They will receive a free T-shirt, lapel pin, bumper sticker, and mug designating them as an AIM super-volunteer.

Any AIM member wishing to become a super-volunteer should reach out to Lauree McArdle for more information. Every applicant who meets the basic criteria will be given an interview with staff within 30 days of applying.