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Arlington Community Access Corporation

September 12, 2018


Board of Directors

Call for Nominations


The Arlington Community Access Corporation (the official corporate name for AIM) will hold its annual election for seats on the board of directors on Sunday, October 28, 2018 at the annual meeting of members.   The ACAC board of directors guides the actions of Arlington Independent Media, sets long term policy direction, and establishes strategic goals and objectives.  A strong and capable board of directors is critical to the success of the organization.


In addition to the election for members of the board of directors, an election will also be held at the annual meeting for a new producers’ representative.  The producers’ representative brings issues of interest to the board and reports their actions back to the producers.  Anyone wishing to run for a seat on the board of directors must submit a nomination by Monday, October 1, 2018. Nominations for the producers’ representative will continue to be taken until voting begins on the evening of October 28th.


Nominations should consist of a short candidate’s statement that outlines why the candidate would like to serve and a brief biographical sketch (together no more than one page). Nominations should be sent to:


Charles Smith


Arlington Independent Media

2701-C Wilson Boulevard

Arlington, VA  22201


All persons submitting a nomination will be sent information about AIM and the role of the board of directors. An information packet including nominations and candidate statements will be sent to the Corporation’s membership at least twenty days in advance of the election.


The Arlington Community Access Corporation board of directors oversees the fiscal affairs and management of Arlington Independent Media.  The board represents the members of AIM, the Arlington County Board, and Comcast.  The board ensures that AIM’s resources are directed toward the purposes of ACAC, which briefly stated are to:


1.     Provide the public with training and access to the media in order that they may express themselves;

2.     Promote and facilitate the production, distribution, and viewing of television programs for public access channel 69 on the Comcast cable television network and channel 38 on the Verizon cable system;

3.     Promote and facilitate the production and distribution of programming for consumption live and on-demand on the AIM website;

4.     Promote and facilitate the production and distribution of radio programming for consumption live on WERA 96.7 FM and live and on demand on


The composition of the board consists of eleven directors elected by AIM members, three directors appointed by the Arlington County Board, and one representative of Comcast.  This year, there are eight seats up for election plus the producers’ representative seat.   Board terms last for three years and board members are limited to two consecutive terms.  The board is divided into three groups so that not all board members are up for election on the same year.  This year, four members of group 3 plus four vacant seat are up for election, making a total of eight seats.


The producers’ representative is elected for one year.  There is no limit to the number of consecutive terms a producers’ representative can serve.  The producers’ representative serves as a non-voting member of the board. The ACAC is seeking candidates with experience in one or more of the following general categories:


Fundraising:  Knowledge and experience in designing and conducting fundraising campaigns and events; extensive contacts within the community or ties to potential funding individuals and organizations; ability and experience in public speaking and presenting.


Organization Management: Fiscal affairs, budget analysis and oversight; personnel affairs, including position description and staff compensation; and administrative affairs.


Media Production/Distribution:  Knowledge of television and radio production and distribution equipment; knowledge of computer hardware or software; knowledge of new media such as digital imaging, Web development, etc.


Contacts with Other Organizations and Deep Ties to the Community:  Business or volunteer work for non-profits, service organizations, or other Arlington institutions; board service for other organizations.


ACAC Directors must join the organization by paying a twenty-five dollar annual membership fee and be residents of Arlington County or be a sole designated representative of an Arlington business or organization.  Directors are also asked to make a significant annual financial contribution as part of their service.   Service to the Arlington Community Access Corporation is on a non-paid, volunteer basis.  The board of directors meets at least quarterly with board committees meeting as needed.  Board members are also required to attend the annual board retreat.  The producers’ representative attends the regular quarterly board meeting and meets with producers as needed.


Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who you think might be interested in serving.  For more information about AIM or board service, please call Paul LeValley, the AIM executive director, at (703) 524-2388 or email him at  Be sure to check our website for more information about AIM and its many programs, classes, services, and events at or the WERA website at

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